Make that Call – Pick Up the Phone!

Why the next thing you should do is pick up the phone. We’ve talked about a lot of Caller Experiences, good and bad. And it’s easy to criticize mistakes that others make. But if that’s all that happens, then reading this book will be a waste of your time. The only way to create change [...]

Your Phones or Social Media?

Chris Brogan writes about how companies are jumping on the Social Media bandwagon as a customer service tool, while their existing customer infrastructure is in major need of a transformation! So companies are going to the social media space to reach customers, and rightfully so. But in the rush to meet customers where they’re at, those [...]

Night Answer Options

Having your phone system change the greeting when you’re closed is a very customer-friendly thing to do. Think about this scenario: It’s 5:05 p.m. You need to order parts, so you pick up the phone, call the parts company, and your call is answered by its Auto-Attendant. It then puts you in queue for the [...]

Voicemail Etiquette

Callers are going to get your voicemail at some time or another, and there are some specific things you can do on your greeting that will greatly help connecting with your callers! Speak clearly The greeting you record on your own voicemail box can be critical to how callers connect with you. Number 1 on [...]

Repeat the greeting automatically

Set up your Auto-Attendant to repeat the greeting automatically, and if you can’t do that, select an option key for callers to press that will replay the message. Callers may miss the option they need the first time, and not realize it until later. Some systems automatically route the call to the operator if you [...]

Make it easy to reach a live person

Always. Always. Always give the option for your caller to reach a live person. Make it easy. Don’t hide behind your phone system, forcing callers to do things the way you want them done. I can guarantee you that at some point, a customer will call with some issue that doesn’t fit neatly into your [...]

Put the Most Popular Option First

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the Auto-Attendant and On-Hold messages at some companies. I mean, who are they kidding? Is your call really “very important to us”?   The Caller By Frank Halliwell “Good morning! Thanks for calling us! We’re pleased to hear from you! Your call’s important to us So we’ve placed [...]

Always Give the Option Before the Number!

As I approached the elevators to head to my fourteenth floor hotel room recently, I was met with the elevator selector pictured here. Someone on the design team of this elevator company felt 100 percent positive that this selector was designed clearly so I would have no trouble at all in choosing whether I wanted [...]

And…we’re back!

For those of you keeping track, you may have noticed there haven’t been many (any?!) blog posts here in the past 2 weeks. I won’t bore you with all the details, but we’ve succssfully transitioned to a newer (dare I say “better”?) host platform. Now we’re ready to get back on track! So, regular updates, [...]

Repeat your Auto-Attendant options

When you have reached the end of your options, allow the caller to repeat, but let the caller know that is what is happening. You can give him the choice to repeat (“To repeat these options, press *”), or you can automatically repeat them (stay on the line to hear these options repeat). Sometimes people [...]